Thanks for downloading MyBB!

These documents will guide you through the process of installing MyBB on to your web site, updating an existing copy of MyBB and provide you with a bit of legal preamble we need to include within our product. A full documentation of MyBB is available at the MyBB website.

License Agreement

The license agreement documents what you can and cannot do with MyBB. Before installing MyBB please read the terms associated in the license agreement and agree to them.

Installation Instructions

Follow the instructions outlined in this document to install a copy of MyBB on your server.

Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade your existing copy of MyBB on your server to this release, please follow the following instructions.


We'd like to thank a few people for helping us make MyBB possible. The above page outlines some of the people who are (or were) have been associated with MyBB in the past.